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Let's meet Cyber Security & Data Privacy!


This is working at Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Work with the most attractive companies to make them resilient to the Cyber Security threats of today and tomorrow and protect their sensitive data. From developing and implementing a Cyber Security roadmap to hacking an offshore drilling platform. We advise businesses from byte to boardroom, making a genuine impact on the world around us as we do.

For those just starting out: Still don't have any idea which area you want to develop in? No problem! At KPMG, you will get the chance to work on a range of assignments so that you get a lot of different experiences in a short time.

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This is what we are proud of

  • At Cyber Security & Data Privacy, we help our customers with their most confidential projects.
  • We don’t believe in scaremongering within the Cyber Security market: we give our customers a framework for action to tackle Cyber and Privacy challenges.
  • Cyber Security is more important than ever! Our projects contribute to a safer society.
  • We serve large multinationals and top SMEs alike.
  • We have a strong focus on personal growth. At KPMG, you will receive the training and education you need to continue to develop along your personal growth path. We offer training modules on consultancy skills and technical knowledge.
  • We are a young and dynamic team and we organize lots of social activities.
KPMG gives you scope to be enterprising. If you want to pursue something yourself, there are lots of options. Plus, I get all the room I need to continue my development as a Cyber Security specialist.

Meret Keeris - Senior Consultant CyberOps

What does this team do?

In KPMG's Cyber Security & Data Privacy team, we take care of every aspect of our customers’ Cyber Security and Data Privacy from A – Z. We help organizations map out their cyber security risks, identify their current and desired maturity levels and implement major transformational programs to get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

We test security (ethical hacking/red teaming/TIBER/ZORRO), from a simple website to an oil drilling platform. We also implement security solutions such as identity access management, security operations centers and various cloud solutions (such as Microsoft, AWS, Google). In addition, we help our customers with their privacy issues: from a single Data Protection Impact Assessment to the implementation of a privacy solution such as OneTrust or a privacy program lasting several years. Whatever the customer’s complex question is, we give them practical and implementable advice. But what we really love is actively helping solve their problem or tackling their challenge.

What projects do we work on?

  • Large projects costing millions (transformational multi-year programs at multinationals), but also very small ones (testing a website for a hospital) and everything in between.
  • Particularly within sectors such as Finance, Consumer & Retail, Energy & Natural Resources, Construction and Government.
  • At C&P we work in multidisciplinary teams, but we also work with other teams within Advisory.


Cyber Strategy & Risk

We help organizations identify cyber security risks and improve cyber security risk management. We provide support in implementing improvement programs, devise strategies and conduct research into cyber maturity.

Data Privacy

We advise national and international customers on privacy issues, the impact of privacy legislation and regulations and how they can deal with privacy risks.

Cyber Assessments

Our customers invite us to test the security of their organizations by looking at their environments from a hacker’s perspective by means of penetration tests and red teamings in a range of environments.

Cyber Operations

We also supply the solution! For example, a better view of threats (security monitoring based on AI), a secure cloud environment (Microsoft, AWS, Google) and control of digital identities (Identity & Access Management).

Video: Strong focus on development in an international context

If you ask KPMG people what they enjoy about working at Cyber & Privacy, they will probably talk about the training opportunities and the international context. The Dutch Cyber team has been organizing the Cyber Bootcamp and Hacknet for years. These are events lasting several days at which the international Cyber & Privacy community within KPMG comes together. This makes the Dutch team an important part of KPMG's international Cyber & Privacy community worldwide.

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