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Let's meet Digital Advisory!


This is working at Digital Advisory

From defining digital strategies for our customers and devising and building apps like Netflix to helping reduce loneliness among old people. You will be working in a dynamic department with a broad customer portfolio.

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This is what we are proud of

  • We have a driven and ambitious team of 150 consultants with an average age of 31. Learning quickly, delivering top quality, short lines of communication and a strong focus on team bonding are key values for our team.
  • We have highly diverse specialists with varied backgrounds (from IT specialists, astronomers and physicists to industrial designers and business experts).
  • We are known in the market for our modern digitization concepts, agile operating models and software quality.
  • We are able to draw on our experience of transforming dozens of customers over the years.
Working on pro bono assignments makes us feel that what we do matters. Thanks to our work, the Stichting Met je Hart foundation will help more lonely people to get in touch with one another.

Christophe Drouen and Rob Scheele, Consultant and Senior Manager

What does this team do?

We initiate our customers’ digital transformations and help accelerate their growth agendas by using digital tools to connect with customers and their partners. Digital transformation offers big opportunities. It means Business and IT transforming together. Besides knowledge about the market, we have in-depth knowledge of technology. We show our customers the opportunities and help them at every step of the digital transformation – from concept to implementation – with innovative products and services.

What projects do we work on

  • We work on a wide range of projects, large and small, local and international. We almost always work on a multidisciplinary basis.
  • In tightly knit teams of colleagues with ever-changing line-ups for each project.
  • Our assignments range from small strategic studies and assessments (for example, changes to IT organizations) to proper implementation work.


Digital Strategy

We show our customers the possibilities of digital transformation. By formulating a digital strategy, we help customers formulate their digital ambitions. We do so in various sectors, such as Health, Fintech and Banking.

Digital Transformation

We support customers in implementing their digital ambitions and digitizing organizational models. We work out digital architectures that translate the digital strategy to a technology landscape.

Digital Enablement

We work on things like software development and architecture. For example, we develop customized software for our customers based on modern technology using agile methods and techniques.

Digital Law

We offer legal services in the area of technology and ICT. The team works closely with KPMG's management and technology consultants, enabling KPMG to deliver integrated digital transformation services to customers.

“Making an impact is just a hollow slogan.”

Our people at KPMG absolutely do not agree with this statement.

Alongside her regular work, Lieke Averes coaches pupils in intermediate vocational education (MBO) on making job applications.

“Everyone is responsible for making an impact.”

Would you like to know how other colleagues are making an impact? Watch the video.

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