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Frequently asked questions


About KPMG

Where is KPMG based?

KPMG Nederland has 12 offices. We are located in Amstelveen, Alkmaar, Arnhem, Breda, The Hague, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Zwolle, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

What does KPMG do?

We help leading organizations look ahead and make the right sustainable choices. For society. For the Netherlands. For the world. We have a seat at the tables where the future is decided and you are cordially invited. Together, we solve current issues by providing clear insights and coming up with good solutions using the latest techniques. For that, we need unique knowledge and experience. Insights from smart, innovative and enthusiastic people. Your insights. As a member of the KPMG family, you will have every opportunity to be yourself and show yourself. After all, your unique insights are priceless to our clients and your colleagues. That's why we work hard to be as diverse and inclusive an organization as possible.

Applying for a job at KPMG

What is the best way to prepare for a job interview?

During an interview, we zoom in on two things in particular: 1. Job motivation and 2. Personality. In terms of job motivation, it is crucial you understand what you are applying for. So it is important to carefully read the job posting. We get that not everything can be clear at once, so feel free to ask. Furthermore, it is also good to read up on our organization; why do you want to work with us specifically? Besides motivation, personality is also a cornerstone. We would like to find out what kind of person you are. What are your strong points? Which points need developing? And how do you work in a team? In preparation, it is recommended to check the following: Which role do I assume by nature when in a (study) project? Or what am I faced with in my (side) job? How do I plan my daily tasks? And last but not least: our recruiters always love to hear an example in evidence of the above. So, if you are good at planning, do you have an example showing that?

What kind of questions can I expect during the job interview?

The interview often starts with some personal questions; can you tell us something about yourself, what are you good at, what are your areas of development and what taught you the most? Of course, we also want to know more about your work experience and your role within a team. We also want to know what you know about us as an organization and why you want to work at KPMG. Next, we will also ask you some questions about the job; what makes you suitable for this position and what do you still want to learn?

Remember, we don't just want to get a good impression of you. You obviously want the same from us. We can only do that if we bombard each other with questions. So don't hesitate to ask us questions too.

How does the application process work?

Our application process consists of making an assessment. Next, you will have a first interview with a recruiter and a colleague from the department and then a second interview with colleagues from the department. How this second interview is arranged depends on the department you are applying for. This may be either a case interview or a regular interview. Of course, we will inform you of this in advance. A third and final interview may take place. The application process may vary slightly from one vacancy to the next, but the job description shows exactly what is expected of you in the application process.

What can I expect from an assessment?

The assessment is one of the steps of your application to KPMG and consists of a personality questionnaire and ability test that you complete online. After the assessment, you will receive an email explaining how to access your report and how to give KPMG permission to access the report. Which components are covered in the ability test is job-dependent. In addition to the assessment, some jobs require you to solve a case. The recruiter will provide you with information on this matter.

How do I know if I qualify for a vacancy?

In each job posting, we tell you what you need to bring to the table to fill the position. The requirements for this give indicate the profile we are looking for for this position. Research shows that mainly male candidates already apply at a 60% match and women at a 100% match. If you don’t meet all the requirements but you do think this is the job for you, we cordially invite you to apply.

There is no suitable vacancy for me at the moment, can I send an unsolicited application?

Given the large number of applications we process every day, it is not possible to send an unsolicited application. New vacancies are posted regularly on our Working at website. It is therefore best to create a KPMG & Me profile to keep you in the loop of keep an eye on the vacancies there that match your interests. This will keep you up to date with the latest vacancies at KPMG. However, many colleagues are open to meeting informally. For example, send a message to someone with an interesting job via LinkedIn or take a look at our events.

I have a question about a vacancy or the progress of my application. Who do I contact and how?

Do you have a question about a specific vacancy you want to apply for or perhaps have already applied for? At the bottom of each job posting, you will find the contact details (phone number and email) of the relevant recruiter you can contact. Do you have a general question? Please send an email to

How can I keep up to date with new vacancies?

At KPMG, you have the option to create your own KPMG & Me dashboard. Save your interests and get a personalized offer every time you visit: specially recommended vacancies, cases, blogs, events that match your interests and experiences and an overview of your vacancies and applications.

What happens to my data once I have applied?

All data you share with us is subject to privacy laws. When you apply for a vacancy, KPMG collects the data you provide with your consent and processes it to take in your application. This personal data provided by you will be kept by KPMG for a period of 4 weeks of the end of the application process. If you have given your consent, the data will be deleted after 1 year of the end of the application process. If you subscribe to the job alert, your data (email address and preferences) will be kept until you unsubscribe.

Working at KPMG

I have been hired by KPMG and have a question. Who can I turn to?

Congratulations on your new job and welcome to KPMG! If you have any questions after accepting your offer, please contact our HR service desk at Our, and now your colleagues, are ready to help you along.

How does KPMG deal with remote and hybrid working?

We believe in the power of hybrid working; work is an activity and not a place. As we return to the office, we are simultaneously working on a new 'normal'. At KPMG, you divide your time yourself between home, client and office. Of course, you do so in consultation with your Development Manager and your team. We provide a healthy working environment, both in the office and at home, with a fully equipped home office.

A good work-life balance is important to us; we encourage this both in the office and outside. We provide an extensive health and vitality offer, and in Amstelveen, with The Work Out, there is a modern vitality centre for sports and relaxation.

Your development is our focus; we provide an excellent range of training and development opportunities and learning on the job with a wide variety of clients, from start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies in every sector imaginable.

Want to know more about (hybrid) working at KPMG? Then read on!

Can I do volunteer work at KPMG?

es, you can! At KPMG, you can do so much more than just work that is part of your job, as you can also actively volunteer. To this end, we cooperate with various organizations, such as JINC and Refugee Talent Hub, for whom we volunteer. For example, you could give a lecture to VMBO (intermediate preparatory vocational education) students in which you help them apply for jobs. Or help financially talented people who came to the Netherlands as refugees to take their first steps in the Dutch labour market. In addition, each colleague gets a number of hours a year to spend on pro bono work, directly impacting people's lives and society.

Employment conditions, training and perks

What are KPMG’s employment conditions?

At KPMG, in addition to your salary, you will also receive an annual profit distribution, a fixed expense allowance and a home office allowance. Relaxation is important to us, so you get 30 days' holiday with us (on a full-time basis) and the option to buy more days or sell your days’ holiday. We also provide a fully equipped home office. Will you be working within Assurance or Advisory? Then you are eligible for a lease car or mobility budget. This also applies to positions within Business Services in pay grade 10 and up. Will you be working within Business Services? Then you are eligible for a travel allowance for the kilometres you travel or an NS business card if you travel by public transport. Furthermore, you get a laptop and iPhone that you can also use in private, a flexible pension with no compulsory personal contributions. At KPMG, learning and development are key, so you can also expect an extensive range of training courses and programs that contribute to your professional and personal development.

Also: Focus on vitality! Exercising at the office in Amstelveen or a discount at a gym near you and access to coaching, health and vitality programs.

And last but not least, 'Together' is one of our core values. That’s why you can count on various social activities such as team outings, get-togethers for drinks and events together with your colleagues.

Is an education or training budget available?

Yes, with us everyone gets an education or training budget of €1,000 a year. At KPMG, we are committed to innovation and progress every day. Because if you want to get the best from yourself, you have to be motivated to keep developing. So, with us, you will have every opportunity to gain knowledge that will last you a lifetime. You are never on your own: there is always someone with whom you can discuss and shape your development program. Besides your daily work, you will have the opportunity to develop into the best version of yourself through studies, trainings and workshops.

Which facilities does KPMG offer?

At KPMG, we think it's important that you face your day with good energy, so you can perform and relax at your optimum. At Linda's, you get the best coffee to start your day and our colleagues in the company restaurant make sure you can enjoy a fresh lunch offering every day.

Of course, it is also important to switch off and relax in between. Our offices are furnished according to the 'clubhouse' concept. There are places where you can work focused and places where you can relax and socialize with colleagues. We also provide a comprehensive health & happiness offer. In Amstelveen, The Work Out is a modern vitality centre where you can clear your head before, during or after work with personal trainers and work up a sweat during a group class. We also organize regular mindfulness, focus management and inbox-to-zero workshops.